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One of the distinct advantage of Binary Options Auto-trade is that we manage trading accounts opened exclusively with the most reliable and regulated European brokers. You funds will be deposited directly with the chosen broker and kept on the secure accounts of their processing centers, which are the licensed payment institutions providing services in accordance with the Payment Service Directive (2007/64/EC) and Payment services law (492/2009 Z.Z.).

Binary Options Auto Trade manages auto-trading accounts on the basis of account management agreements with the clients and services agreements signed with a number of recommended brokers. Our service is 100% transparent as all trading accounts are fully accessible to the clients, and investors are encouraged to monitor trading process.

To find out more about recommended brokers please register on our site and your personal account manager will contact you via Skype to answer all your questions and sign you up for a free trial.


Binary Options Auto Trade is one of the few asset management companies that can offer you a free auto-trading account trial. During your Free Auto-trade trial we will invests the company’s funds into your trading account with one of the recommended brokers. Your trading account will be managed for 3 days, and you will be encouraged to observe the trading process and monitor your account balance growing in real time.

Your Auto Trade Trial is Genuinely Free!
You won’t be required to provide your credit card information or make a deposit.
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Moreover, all profit generated on your trading account during your Free Trial will be yours if you choose to proceed with your Auto-trading account and fund it according to one of the investment plans.

Sign up now and your personal account manager will contact you via Skype to answer all your questions and set up your free trial.

26 August 2016 EUR/USD above 26-08-2016 11:55:09 26-08-2016 11:56:09 1.12914 1.12920 970 1668 You Won!
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AUD/USD below 26-08-2016 11:14:32 26-08-2016 11:15:32 0.76336 0.76345 860 0 You Lost!
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Rodrigo Da Silva
I’m not a pro trader but for a long time I have been trying to make money trading binary options myself. I tried plenty of signal services but they didn’t seem to work for me. Finally, I realized that I didn’t have enough skills and patience to do it myself so I decided that it’s better to opt for professional service. After conducting some research, I decided that Binary Options Auto Trade is the best option for me. And I have no regrets! I have invested $30 000 and I see my balance growing every day. The results are amazing!

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I’ve made a long journey and had my share of unpleasant surprises before I have found a reliable and customer friendly service. The company is demonstrating consistent results and excellent customer support. This service can be recommended to anyone who is interested in safe and profitable investment.

Jose Tiong
To be honest, manual trading is not my cup of tea, that’s why I was looking for an asset management company that could help me trade. Auto trade is tailored for investors who cannot or do not want to trade manually but it’s a large investment and there is always a concern about the safety of the funds. My friend is an experienced trader and he suggested me to join Binary Options Auto trade. Well, I’m very satisfied. Knowing that they work only with regulated European brokers gives me a peace of mind. Thanks a lot!

Jessy Swift
I’ve been looking for a good auto-trading service for a long time. I wanted to invest money in a reliable company with excellent reputation. Now I’m really happy that I have found Binary Options Auto Trade. My account is accessible to me 24/7, I check it every day and I can monitor the trading process in real time. I get richer every day.

Jo Staporowski
I have always wanted to have auto-trading account as, judging by experience of my friends and family members who have it, managed account is best way to earn money online. You won't be sorry if you choose Binary Options Auto Trade. Top-notch service. I can check my account anytime I want. Profit is awesome! If I have any questions I can always chat with my manager and he is always willing to help.

Surfing the Internet in the attempts to find an additional source of income can bring you sometimes unexpected fruits such as reviews on ATS or Binary Options Auto Trade. It’s quite natural that after reading a couple of reviews on Binary Options Auto Trade you would question yourself whether ATS really works. Hopefully this article will help you to learn more about peculiriaties of auto trading system.

First of all let’s sort out the notion of Binary Options Auto Trade. In the most general sense ATS or auto-trade is type of managed account that is run by professional trader(s) who use a special trading software to make the process more automated therefore we get the name of the service – auto-trade. Generally ATS is highly popular among those traders who don’t have enough time to trade on their own or those traders who don’t have enough experience in trading and that’s why prefer to entrust their money into the hand of the professionals. Mind that ATS is a long term investment therefore you won’t be able to withdraw your profit before the contract expiries. Of course in exceptional cases you can be allowed to withdraw money from your autotrading, but generally ATS presupposes the accumulation of profit till the end of contract duration.

Mind that auto-trade is not a cheap service therefore evaluate carefully whether you have spare 15k to invest in Binary Options Auto Trade. Plus we would suggest to read carefully all terms and conditions according to which you will be provided with the service of auto-trade.

Generally after contract ends and it’s time to take profit back there will be a certain percentage that will be withdrawn from your autotrading account as a payment for the service. As well before asking the managing company to send you profit to your bank account take a minute to learn whether any fees are applied to the results of auto-trade in your country.

In general, we would recommend to use Binary Options Auto Trade as an effective financial instrument to reach the desirable amount of profit.